The EU KLEMS data repository

This is the new reference page (starting in 2019) for the EUKLEMS database run by the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (wiiw). It incorporates the latest EUKLEMS update, financed by the European Commission DG Economic and Financial Affairs (Service Contract No. ECFIN-116-2018/SI2.784491).

The EU KLEMS Release 2019 provides a database on measures of economic growth, productivity, employment, capital formation, and technological change at the industry level for all European Union member states, Japan, and the US. Productivity measures have been developed using growth accounting techniques. In addition, the EU KLEMS Release 2019 provides supplementary indicators on intangible assets.

An overview and summary of construction issues and methodology please refer to Stehrer et al. (2019). Analytical results based on growth accounting and econometric estimations are reported in Adarov and Stehrer (2019). When using the data, please cite these sources.

Recent Revisions & Improvements:

The EU KLEMS database serves as an important input to policy evaluation, in particular for the assessment of competitiveness and economic growth potential as established by the Lisbon and Barcelona summit goals. It can be used to studying the relationship between capital formation by various asset types including intangibles, skills and productivity developments.

The data are freely available and are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International-license. To access the data please go to Download or Query Data. Further details on data construction can be found in the Documentation section.

The previous EU KLEMS database up to the 2017 release (revised July 2018) can be accessed via